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Site-specific Art Installations Woven into the Fabric of North Park

INTERCHANGE presents a series of temporary, site-specific art installations woven into the fabric of North Park. Created by six San Diego artists, these projects transform the community’s existing architecture to generate art encounters in everyday existence. INTERCHANGE recognizes artists as essential in shaping community life and art’s ability to rethink urban space as a platform for creative expression and shared cultural dialogue. Participating artists include Robert Andrade, Ashley Fenderson, Xuchi Naungayan Eggleton, Scott Polach, Derek Weiler, and Allison Wiese.

The INTERCHANGE project, supported by the North Park Property and Business Improvement District (NPPBID), seeks to facilitate meaningful exchanges throughout the community: between artists and the built environment, between artwork and observer, and amongst community members. By activating typically overlooked spaces, such as empty storefronts and alleyways, the artworks create unexpected moments of discovery. Awakening their senses and empowering them to engage in the act of looking, such experiences encourage observers to connect more deeply with the world around them.

With the first installation opening June 9th the INTERCHANGE project brings both tangible and intangible impacts to bear on North Park. The web of dynamic installations serves to enhance shared public spaces, encourage cultural tourism, strengthen the neighborhood’s local identity as an arts and culture destination, embed art and artists more deeply into the community, and enhance citizens’ pride and sense of place. Artworks will be dispersed across the community throughout the summer, enabling locals and visitors alike to experience the cultural vibrancy for which North Park has come to be known.